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The economic development is the most vital issue for the poverty alleviation in developing countries. How can then the economic growth be achieved? In developed countries, it can be lead by market mechanism, while,in developing countries, no such mechanism for dynamic change in economic structure can work due to the lack of sound market mechanism itself and scare natural resourses. The public intervention to development with long perspective is, therefore, essential. This public intervention is called as ”Development Planning”.
This class begins to introduce general profiles of developing countries, then examines theoritical background of economic growth, and looks over the current development assistannce programme made by UN and donor countries.

Faculty Hideki Kaji
Term2005 Fall
Level Undergraduate

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#012005/04/14 講義概要
- 資料集(PDF)

#022005/04/21 開発計画の事例

#032005/04/28 開発途上国の現状(1)

#042005/05/12 開発途上国の現状(2)

#052005/05/19 開発途上国の現状(3)

#062005/05/26 開発途上国の現状(4)

#072005/06/02 途上国における開発と防災
- 講義資料(PDF)

#082005/06/09 開発のための計量モデル(1)

#092005/06/16 開発のための計量モデル(2)
- 配布資料(PDF)

#102005/06/23 開発方式の理論

#112005/06/30 日本の開発政策

#122005/07/07 国際連合による開発の10年の系譜と実績
- 配布資料(PDF)

#132005/07/14 持続可能な開発のために

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