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NEWS 【休講】5/06(金)休講となります。

  The computer systems will become much more easy to use when we can input e-mail texts into computers by speech without touching keyboards or we can get information from all the world through information retrieval systems with machine translation functions by inputting Japanese texts. Thus computers will obtain its conversation ability with humans in the near future.
Human uses, however, many kinds of knowledge without consciousness when they use their language, for example, reading newspapers, writing texts, talking with friends by phone or discussing with friends in classrooms. In the conversation, not only grammar rules but also knowledge on a topic of the conversation or common sense knowledge are crucial.
In this lecture, natural language processing systems are provided to study the way how a grammar works to analyze texts syntactically, and the way how a set of knowledge works to understand texts semantically. The lectures and exercises will make it clear that computers are getting smarter but have some kind of limitations of ability of language understanding. It will also provide a perspective on the human language ability.

Faculty Shun Ishizaki
Term2005 Fall
Level Undergraduate

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Lecture Video & Materials
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#012005/04/08 自然言語論入門
- 配布資料(PDF)

#022005/04/15 コンピュータの言語機能
- 配布資料(PDF)
- 茶筌の紹介(PDF)

#032005/04/22 チョムスキーと文法
- 配布資料(PDF)

#042005/05/13 構文解析法

#052005/05/20 言語の認知科学
- 配布資料(PDF)

#062005/05/27 言語の意味論
- 配布資料(PDF)

#072005/06/03 言葉の認知実験
- 配布資料(PDF)
- 実験説明資料(PDF)

#082005/06/10 言語知識と表現
- 配布資料(PDF)

#092005/06/17 意味解析
- 配布資料(PDF)

#102005/06/24 意味解析実習
- 意味解析実習マニュアル(PDF)
- 意味解析実習レポート課題(PDF)

#112005/07/01 文脈と文脈解析
- 期末レポート課題(PDF)
- 配布資料(PDF)

#122005/07/08 文生成法
- 配布資料(PDF)

#132005/07/15 連想概念辞書の応用
- 講義資料(PDF)

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