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This course is taught in English for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. We survey the main problems brought about by economic development in Asia, especially Southeast Asia. We also look at the kinds of solutions that the people living with the development process in these countries are attempting to implement themselves.
We look at 4 broad issues in resource-poor areas: 1) sustainable livelihoods in the rural ecology; 2) fulfillment or lack of basic needs; 3) gender and development; 4) public health in developing regions.
Students must already have a high proficiency in reading and writing English at an academic level.

Faculty Lynn Thiesmeyer
Term2009 Fall
Level Undergraduate

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Lecture Video & Materials
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#012009/10/01 Explanation of the Course: Rural Development in S.E. Asia.
- Assignment sheet(PDF)
- Lecture Material (PDF)
- Reading Pack(PDF) [Enrolled Students Only]
Reading of, and in-class essay on the article by Vandana Shiva, 
“Miracle Seeds”

#022009/10/15 Main Issues in Development
- Lecture Material (PDF)
Esteba, Gustavo. “Development.” From The Development Dictionary. 
Escobar, Arturo. Encountering Development.

#032009/10/22 History and Theory of Development / Definitions of Poverty
- Lecture Material (pdf)
Ranema, Majid. “Poverty.” From The Development Dictionary.

#042009/10/29 Development Planning and Problematic Results: I / II
- McCully, Silenced Rivers
Vandana Shiva, “Miracle Seeds"
McCully, Patrick. Chapter 2, "Rivers no More," from Silenced Rivers.

#052009/11/05 Measurements and Definitions of Poverty: Critiques
- Assignement sheet (pdf)
- Amartya Sen, Commodities and their Use
Sen, Amartya. Commodities and Capabilities, chapter 1 (“Interest, 
Well-being, and Advantage”)
Mid-term assignment distributed in class. 

#062009/11/12 Can Measurements of Poverty Underlie Development Policy?
- Amartya Sen Chapter 3, Utility, Desire and Happiness
Sen, Amartya. Development as Freedom, chapter 2 ("Commodities and 
their Use" and chapter 3("Utility, Desire, and Happiness")
Mid-term assignment due at the beginning of class.

#072009/11/26 Gender and Development I: Gender and Economic Activity
- Lecture Material (pdf)
Momsen, Janet Henshall. Gender and Development.
Mies, Maria. Patriarchy and Accumulation on a World Scale.

#082009/12/03 Gender and Development II: Low-wage Labour in the International Economy
- The Hidden Assembly Line (Globalization, Gender, Development)
Balakrishnan, Radhika, ed. The Hidden Assembly Line.

#092009/12/10 Development Policy and “Bad” Development
- Chambers, Whose Reality Counts?
Chambers, Robert. From Whose Reality Counts?, chapter 4, "The 
Transfer of Reality",and chapter 9,"The New High Ground" 

#102009/12/17 Development and Public Health Policy: HIV and Development Regression
- HIV and Development
World Bank.  Confronting AIDS: Public Priorities in a Global 
Epidemic, part I. 

#112010/01/07 Development and the International Order, Past and Present
- Benedict Anderson on Census, Map, Museum
Anderson, Benedict. From Imagined Communities,chapter X,“Census, 
Map, Museum”

#122010/01/14 Final Test. Required.
Final Essay Test. Required. In-class. 

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