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科目名地域戦略研究(東アジア) [ シラバス ]

This course is primarily offered for International Advanced Degrees Program of Graduate School of Media and Governance, but also widely open for graduate students at SFC. This course is jointly conducted with Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea and Fudan University in Shanghai, China through Distance Learning (DL).
”Region” could be defined in various terms. In international relations, it generally indicates the multilateral groupings of neighboring nations. However, when it comes to the term regionalism, it rather suggests a functional relation that bundles multiple nations with their political, economic and cultural inheritance, often based on the geographical advantages. Region could be formed either inherently or arbitrary. Thus, the "Region/Regionalism" is a dynamic concept of geopolitics/economics, which rests between the global governance and the bilateral rational choice of the government. This course specifically focuses on following agendas: 1)theory and practices of regionalism in East Asia, 2)security in Asia-Pacific region, 3)Japan’s foreign policy on regionalism.

担当者 神保 謙
授業期間2009年秋学期 火曜日1時限
授業レベル 大学院
参考文献 参考文献リスト

第01回2009/09/29 Overview and Introduction: What is Regionalism?
- Lecture Material (pdf)
Speaker: Ken Jimbo

第02回2009/10/13 Security Architecture in Asia-Pacific (Ken Jimbo, Keio University)
- Lecture Material (pdf)
- 講義資料(PPT)
Speaker: Assoc Prof. Ken JIMBO (Keio University)

第03回2009/10/20 Security Governance in Northeast Asia (NEA)
- Lecture Material (pdf)
- Shen Material
- Why no NATO in Asia
Speaker: Prof. Shen Dingli (Fudan University)

第04回2009/10/27 North East Asia Economic Integration
- Samuel Kim Material
- Vinod K. Aggarwal & Min Gyo Koo
- Lecture Material
Speaker: Prof.Yong Suhk Pak (Yonsei Univeersity)

第05回2009/11/10 Human Security in East Asia
- Lecture Material (pdf)
Speaker: Prof. Michio Umegaki (Keio Uniersity)

第06回2009/11/17 China and East Asian Regionalism
- Shambaugh
- Alaster Iain Johnston
- Yunlin (URL)
- Lecture Material (pdf)
Speaker: Prof. Chen Zhimin (Fudan University)

第07回2009/12/01 Strategic Alliance in Northeast Asia: Innovator’s Perspective in High-tech Industry
- Bell and Pavitt
- Erst and Kim
- Mathews
- Lecture Material (pdf)
Speaker: Prof. Jooyoung Kwak (Yonsei University)

第08回2009/12/08 Student Presentation (DL)
- Presentation Material (pdf)

第09回2009/12/15 The Political Economy of Regionalism
- PPT File
- Lecture Material (pdf)
Speaker: Ken JIMBO

第10回2009/12/22 East Asian Community: Concepts and Political Process
- Lecture Material (pdf)
Speaker: Ken JIMBO

第11回2010/01/12 Student Presentation
- Presentation Material (pdf)

第12回2010/01/19 Student Presentation
- Presentation Material (pdf)

第13回2010/01/20 Student Presentation and Wrap Up(1)【10/6休講分の補講】
- Presentation Material (pdf)

第14回2010/01/20 Student Presentation and Wrap Up(2)【10/6休講分の補講】
- Presentation Material (pdf)

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