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TitleWORLD ECONOMY [ Syllabus ]

Faculty Sayuri Shirai
Term2009 Fall
Level Graduate

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#012009/10/01 Introduction
- Lecturenote1
- G20Paper
BRICS, rankings of economic sizes, G20 financial summit, etc.

#022009/10/08 Learning about the basic concepts of Balance of payments 【台風18号接近のため休講】
The class of October 18 will be canceled due to the university 
decision. So no make-up class will be provided

#032009/10/15 Understanding the Balance of Payments Statistics
- Balance of payments Statictics

#042009/10/22 Backgrounds Infomation on the Current Account Crisis
- Lecturenote3

#052009/10/29 Policy Prescriptions for the Current Account Crisis
- Lecturenote4

#062009/11/05 Mid-term Examination
Students are allowed to use a (electronic) dictionary.
Students are allowed to use Japanese or English 

#072009/11/12 Capital Account Crisis: Case of Thailand, Indonesia, and Korea
- Lecturenote5

#082009/11/26 Policy Prescriptions for the Capital Account Crisis (1)
- Text on Capital Account Crisis
- Lecturenote6
exchage rate policy, capital account controls, banking sector 
soundness, bond market development, de-internationalization of local 
currencies, regonal swap arrangments 

#092009/12/03 Policy Prescriptions for the Capital Account Crisis (2)
- Lecturenote6(PDF)

#102009/12/10 Policy Prescriptions for the Capital Account Crisis (3)
- Lecturenote

#112009/12/17 Current Global Economic Crisis and its Impact of Asia
- Lectuturenote(1)
- Lecturenote(2)
- Referencepaper

#122010/01/07 Comparison between Emerging Europe and Emerging Asia
- Lecturenote12

#132010/01/14 Final Examination

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