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Faculty Jiro Kokuryo
Term2009 Fall
Level Graduate

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#012009/09/29 Overview
- lecture material No1
Introduction of the course.

What is ”Technology Entrepreneurs?” Why is innovation/ entrepreneurship important?

#022009/10/06 Primary Business Essentials
- lecture material No2
Basics of starting the business – vision creation & finance planning
Importance about Cash flow. 

You can go bankrupt even if profitable.

#032009/10/13 Case Study(1) University oriented start-up/Update from SOI Asia - Indonesia
- lecture material No3
Essentials and priorities originated at university research 

Guest speaker Dr.Suhono, the head of Incubation center, Institute Technology Bandung [ITB]

#042009/10/20 Case Study (2) T-file/ winner at the business plan contest at SOI Asia 2009
- lecture material No4
- Guide for Business Plan Contest at SOI Asia 2010
- business plan writing format(PPT)
Analysis why T-file’s business plan can get high evaluation score

T-file manufactures a power generator and a turbine using a tidal power. It penetrates demand to alternative energy at distant islands in Indonesia….
Guest Speaker Ms.Nurana Indah Paramita, T-file CEO
Announcement about the contest 2010

#052009/10/27 Case Study (3) Entrepreneurship at Micro business
- lecture material No5
COBLAS is the project to learn Consulting Based entrepreneurship at 
ASIA and ASEAN region.

Guest Speaker, Prof.Ohe, Prof.Waseda univ

#062009/11/10 Case Study (4) E-mobile
- Case(E-mobile)
- lecture material No6
E-mobile is Japanese mobile broadband infrastructure operator.

Discuss on E-mobile Case study

#072009/11/17 Guest Speaker from Japan (1)
- lecture material No7
View point from Venture Capitalist, what is VC?

Criteria about business model from consultant and accountant?
Guest Speaker1,SBI, guest speaker2,KPMG, guest speaker3,Shoko Mikawa, judge at the BPC 2009

#082009/12/01 Guest Speaker from Japan (2)
- lecture material No8
Relation between Infrastructure and Platform

Guest Speaker1, Mr. Eric Gan, E-mobile CEO
Guest Speaker2, Mr.Tsuyoshi Natsuno, former director at i.mode and Prof.Keio Univ
E-mobile is Japanese mobile broadband operator and i.mode is Japanese pioneered mobile platform service.

#092009/12/08 Case Study (5) IP activation for incorporation
- lecture material No9
How to create intellectual property(IP) at University?

How to practically use IP from university as entrepreneur?
Guest Speaker1, Mr.Hatori, the head of IP center at Keio Univ
Guest Speaker2, Mr.Mashita, V-cube CEO
V-cube is a teleconference software and system company , using such as a distant education

#102009/12/15 Case Study(6) University oriented start-up from SOI Asia, Malaysia
- lecture material No10
Practical strategy to connect research at university and 

Guest speaker, Prof.Sures, University Saint Malaysia [USM]- TBD-

#112009/12/22 Case Study (7) GALA
- Case(Gala)
- lecture material No11
Discuss on GALA Case study

GALA is online community company. GALA has unique technology and know-how for creating active online community, and enjoys high reputation at online game service.
Guest Speaker, Mr.Kikukawa,GALA CEO

#122010/01/12 Business Plan Contest Finalist Presentation
- Evaluation sheet (pdf)
- Evaluation sheet (doc)
Business Plan contest final round presentation from 3-4 finalist

#132010/01/19 Wrap up
- lecture material No12
- contest outcome
Wrap-up of the course

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