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NEWS This lecture is a contributed lecture by Intel Corporation.

[This course was provided in collaboration with Intel Corporation] Current social infrastructure has employed IT technology, and the technology plays important roles in our daily life. The objectives of the government measure on IT used to be "deploying" IT technology and environment, and then it has been changed to "utilizing" the technology in the real life such as: education, medication, and improving quality of life in the global environment. Japan and Asian countries are characteristic countries in terms of IT environment because cutting edge technologies are available in those countries. However, the policy and processes in those countries are sometimes far behind the other countries. In the current environment, Japan has an opportunity to show a role model to solve the problems and contribute for the other countries. Also, studying and understanding the processes in other countries provides important factors for our country's development.

Faculty Jun Murai,Masaaki Sato
Term2009 Fall
Level Undergraduate

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#012009/04/09 Introduction
- Lecture Material for Class 1
- The internet as social infrastructure
- The internet infrastructure: Japan and other contries
- How IT infrastructure supports society
- Overview of the lecture

- 社会基盤としてのインターネット
- 日本におけるインターネット基盤の発展と他国との比較
- IT基盤はいかに社会を支えるか
- 本講義の進め方

#022009/04/16 Internet & Digital Technology History, Technology Introduction
- Lecture Material for Class 2
- IT that is expected to improve society
- Conflict with old system
- Issues in Japan and other countries

- 社会を支えることを期待されるIT
- 過去の制度との衝突
- 日本および国外における課題

#032009/04/30 Digital Contents Policy #1: Introduction to Digital Contents Policy
- Lecture Material for Class 3

- The origin of copy right
- Discussion points till 1990s (before digital age)
- Difference between analog and digital contents
- Expanding gap in the Internet age

- 著作権法の起源と1990年までの争点
- デジタル化とアナログ代の溝
- ネットワーク時代に広がる更なる溝

#042009/05/07 Digital Contents Policy #2: Digital Contents Policy in Japan
- Lecture Material for Class 4
- Digital contents discussion in Japan
- Copy once to dubbing 10
- DTCP and dubbing 10

- 日本におけるデジタルコンテンツの議論の流れ
- Copy onceからダビング10
- DTCPとダビング10

#052009/05/14 Guest Speaker : Jeff Lawrence - Digital Contents Policy #3: Digital Contents Policy in Global Environment
- Lecture Material for Class 5
- Copy rights in other country
- Diference between Japan and global strategy
- How can be a role model

- 世界の著作権保護の流れ
- 世界の流れと日本
- 日本は手本となれるのか

#062009/05/21 Privacy and Security #1: Introduction
- Lecture Material for Class 6
- What is privacy?
- OECD principle
- Implimentation in Japan, US and EU

- プライバシーとは
- OECD原則
- 日本、アメリカ、ヨーロッパそれぞれの実装

#072009/05/28 Privacy and Security #2: Personal Information Case Studies & Discussions
- Lecture Material for Class 7
- Importance of education: advice to teenage
- Action in Japan for teenager
- Action in other countries for teenager

- 次世代のユーザーへの教育の重要性:10代へのアドバイス
- 日本における青少年対策
- 国外における青少年対策

#082009/06/04 Guest Speaker : David Hoffman - Privacy and Security #3: International Privacy Law
- Lecture Material for Class 8
- Understanding of the difference by culture and region
- Japanese position in Asia in privacy measure
- Overall discussion about privacy and security

- 地域ごとのプライバシーに対するとらえ方の差の認識
- 日本のアジアにおける立場の認識
- 国外における青少年対策
- プライバシーとセキィリティに対する取り組みの重要性の議論

#092009/06/11 Education and Health care #1: Introduction
- Lecture Material for Class 9
- News Article Introduced in the Class (New York Times) [Enrolled Students Only]
- Difficulties applying IT in Japanese Education environment
- Issues in Japan and causes
- The goal and the path
- Formation and policy for next generation

- 教育現場におけるITの利用の促進の壁(日本)
- 日本の制度に関わる問題の把握
- あるべき姿の考察
- 次世代にむけた体制と制度

#102009/06/18 Education and Health care #2: Implementing ICT on Education Environment
- Lecture Material for Class 10
- How IT can support developing country education
- How can Japan support it

- 途上国におけるIT教育とそのニーズ
- 日本に期待されるITを活用した教育支援

#112009/06/25 Internet Governance
- Lecture Material for Class 11
- Why was Internet chosen as a communication infrastructure?
- Comparison between telephone network and Internet architecture.

#122009/07/02 Internet Governance and Global Cyber Security
- Lecture Material for Class 12
#12 Health care and IT(2)
- Understanding the issues in the global point of view
- Case studies in other countries
- Finding right direction for Japan

- 世界全体における課題の把握
- 他国における医療とITの融合への取り組み
- 日本が進むべき道筋

#132009/07/09 Conclusion
- Lecture Material for Class 13
#13 Conclusion
- Wrap up the course
- Understanding the importance of the IT measure in the global society
- Discuss how to contribute worldwide society and show role model.

- 本講義の総括
- 社会をささえるIT技術という視点から政策の理解
- 世界に示す日本の先導的立場の確立のための提言

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