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[This course was provided in collaboration with Intel Corporation] Current social infrastructure has employed IT technology, and the technology plays important roles in our daily life. The objectives of the government measure on IT used to be "deploying" IT technology and environment, and then it has been changed to "utilizing" the technology in the real life such as: education, medication, and improving quality of life in the global environment. Japan and Asian countries are characteristic countries in terms of IT environment because cutting edge technologies are available in those countries. However, the policy and processes in those countries are sometimes far behind the other countries. In the current environment, Japan has an opportunity to show a role model to solve the problems and contribute for the other countries. Also, studying and understanding the processes in other countries provides important factors for our country's development.

Faculty Jun Murai,Masaaki Sato,Jun Takei
Term2010 Fall
Level Undergraduate

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#012010/04/13 Introduction
- Lecture Material for Class 1
- Introduction of the lecture
- Importance of IT technology and policy
- Announcements

#022010/04/20 Stakeholders and Policy making
- Lecture Material for Class 2
- Stakeholders and their relationships
- 3D TV

#032010/04/27 Types of policy
- Lecture Material for Class 3
- Technology standards
- Applying policies to the society

#042010/05/11 IT as a social infrastructure
- Lecture Material for Class 4
- Roles of IT as a social infrastructure
- The challenges on IT in the society

#052010/05/18 IT and society
- Lecture Material for Class 5
- Assignment #1 review
- 3D TV discussion

#062010/05/25 Digital infrastructure governance
- Lecture Material for Class #6
- Multi-vender and interoperability
- Global standards
- Identification

#072010/06/01 Copyright basics
- Lecture Material for Class #7
- Identification (continued)
- Basics of copyright
- Stakeholders on copyright discussions

#082010/06/08 Creative Commons
- Lecture Material for Class #8
- Creative Commons (by Dr. Catharina Maracke)
- Types of "free" licenses

#092010/06/15 Copyright and fair use
- Lecture Material for Class 9
- Fair use of copyrighted materials
- Personal use of copyrighted materials
- Laws to deal with technology growth
- In-class assignments

#102010/06/22 Privacy in digital environment
- Lecture Material for Class 10
- Fair use (review)
- Basics of privacy
- OECD Guidelines on privacy
- Case study: RFID and privacy

#112010/06/29 RFID & Assignment Review
- Lecture Material for Class 11
- Convenience vs. privacy
- Discussion on RFID and privacy
- Assignment #2 & #3 reviews

#122010/07/06 Global Digital Infrastructure
- Lecture Material for Class 12
- Internet as a social infrastructure
- Borders of computers, data, and service on the Internet
- Policy on the Internet
- Assignment #4 & #5 reviews

#132010/07/13 Guest Speaker : David Hoffman
- Pre-lecture Readings [Enrolled Students Only]
- Lecture Material for Class 13 [Enrolled Students Only]
- Wrap up the course
- Understanding the importance of the IT measure in the global 
- Discuss how to contribute worldwide society and show role model.

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