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TitleASIA WORKSHOP [ Syllabus ]

Faculty Michio Umegaki,Keiko Okawa
Term2011 Fall
Level Undergraduate

Inquiry - Inquiry about this course

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#012011/09/26 Orientation (No video recorded)
Going into the third season of Keio U-Kyoto U collaborative
course, we offer different entries to he frontier of Asia-Japan
studies. The topics vary from the "ageing in Asia," to the
"ethnic Chinese in Asia." In this semester, we call attention
more to "how" aspect of Asian studies than "what."
Here is one important point that the stduents need to keep in
mind: it is up to the students to formulate in some coherent
manner an idea of Asian (or Asia-Japan) studies, using a set of
dicreet topics that this course provides.
We also offer, by examples, how one may begin a journey into
Asian studies.
Finally, we ask you to give us what YOU think may be needed to
strengthen our ties with Asia, on which the ageing Japan will
rely to an unprecedented degree in the near future.

This year, this course if focusing on the "field research".

#022011/10/03 Joint 1. Orientation
- Joint Orientation (pdf)
Four "architects" of this joint course will introduce the
students to its overall goal, and the system of computer and
human networks which supports it. 

#032011/10/17 Joint 2. Introduction
- Research in Asia and about Asia (pdf)
Prof. Umegaki of Keio University will talk about what is the
research in Asia and what is the research about Asia ?

#042011/10/24 Joint 3. Case Study (1) - Tools to support your field work
- Field Explorer(pdf)
In this session, we invite  Mr. Tsuchiya , PhD cancdidate of Keio
University, to talk about a very interesting tool to support your
field work called "Field Explorer". He is the developer of this
tool as well as a user of this tool for his own field research in
Vietnam. He will give us an introductory session about the tool,
and how the field research is supported by ICT.

#052011/10/31 Joint 4. Case Study (2) - Research about
In this session, we invite Mr. Gred Dalziel, PhD candidate of
Keio University to talk about this recent research about "Rumor",
as an interesting example of field oriented research.

#062011/11/07 Joint 5. Field Informatics
Prof. Nakamura from Kyoto University will introduce the new
academic area called "Field Informatics".

#072011/11/14 Joint 6. Panel Session (1) - Keio University
- 講義資料1(pdf) A.T.Gammad
- 講義資料2(pdf) M.P. Dela Calzada
2 researchers in Keio University introduces their field oriented
researches both in Philippines followed by the discussion among
students. First presentation is "Detainees Insecurity in
Mandaluyong Jail (Philippines)". The second presentation is
"Children in Disaster Prone Areas: Their Insecurities and
Potentials as Active Agents in Disaster Management (Caraga
Region, Philippines in Focus)". Both researches are heavily
contributed by a long-term field works.

#082011/11/25 Special Joint Session with UNESCO - Tele-seminar 'Building a Green Society'
- Program (pdf)
- Panelists (pdf) 
UNESCO and SOI Asia invites distinguished guest speakers from New
York, Los Angels, Netherlands, France, Jakarta and Tokyo to
discuss how we build a green society. Students from all over Asia
including  Kyoto University and Keio University are invited for
lively discussion.

#092011/11/28 Joint 7. Panel Session (2) - Kyoto University
Two researchers from Kyoto University will present their recent
works followed by the discussion among participants. First
presentation is about the social welfare in Thailand, and the
second presentation is "Gender and Islamic Piety: The Emergence
of  Muslim Women Political Leaders in the Direct Local Head
Election ".

#102011/12/05 Field work reports by visiting students
As a part of this program, this weekend, 3 Keio University
students are visiting Kyoto and 3 Kyoto University students are
visiting Tokyo/Yokohama to do their field research. In this
session, visiting students in each campus will present the result
of their field works during the weekend.

#112011/12/12 Joint 9. Special Lecture (1) -’Digital Preservation of World Heritage’by Prof. Hary Gunarto (Ritsumeikan Asia)
- 講義資料(pdf)
We invite a guest speaker from Jakarta Indonesia, talking about
the digital preservation of world heritage, focusing on the
Borobudur Temple (Indonesia). Borobudur Temple is just re-opened
in November 2011 from the long-term restoration after the
earthquake damage. This session is the first workshop of the
series named "AGORAsia", jointly organized with UNESCO, SOI Asia
and CONNECTAsia.

#122011/12/19 Joint 10. Special Lecture (2) -’Trade Liberalization, Pollution and Poverty: Evidence from Laos’ by Prof. Phouphet (NUOL)
- 講義資料(pdf)
We invite a guest speaker from National University of Laos. Prof.
Phouphet is going to talk about the trade liberalization in Laos,
which is also a very hot topic in Japan.

#132011/12/26 Joint 11. Special Lecture (3) by Prof. Yunita Winarto (UI)
- 講義資料(pdf)
We invite a guest speaker  Prof. Yunita Winarto. from Department
of Anthropology , University of Indonesia.

#142012/01/07 Final Presentation (1)
Keio only session. students will present their work progress.

#152012/01/16 Joint 12. Final Presentation (2)
- 最終発表1(pdf)
- 最終発表3(pdf)
Kyoto and Keio students will present their final result of their
field works followed by the discussion.

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