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Faculty James J. Foster
Term2013 Fall
Level Graduate

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#012013/09/24 【履修者限定公開】Orientation and lecture on Security Challenges in Asia
- Geopolitics Of Asia [Enrolled Students Only]
- Introductory Lecture [Enrolled Students Only]
Strategic Asia 2010-2011 (Chapter 2)

#022013/10/01 【履修者限定公開】Keio Lecture: The International Order and the Rise of Asia
- The International Order and the Rise of China [Enrolled Students Only]
Strategic Asia 2011-2012 (Chapter 2) "International Order and the
Rise of Asia:  History and Theory"  by Kenneth Pyle

#032013/10/08 【履修者限定公開】Joint Lecture (Keio) A Global Commons in Asia?
- Global Commons in Asia [Enrolled Students Only]
Strategic Asia 2010-2011 (Chapter 6) 

#042013/10/15 【履修者限定公開】Joint Lecture (Yonsei) The 2008 Global Financial Crisis & EconomicI ntegration of East Asia
- Lecture from Yonsei [Financial_Crisis_&_East_Asian] [Enrolled Students Only]

#052013/10/22 【履修者限定公開】Joint Lecture (Fudan) EU and East Asian Regionalism
- Reading Material 1. [Enrolled Students Only]
- Reading Material 2. [Enrolled Students Only]
- Reading Material 3. [Enrolled Students Only]
- Lecture PPT [Enrolled Students Only]

#062013/10/29 【履修者限定公開】Joint Lecture (Keio) The Problem of Military Modernization in Asia
- Military Modernization in Asia [Enrolled Students Only]
Strategic Asia 2010-2011 (Chapter 3)

#072013/11/05 【履修者限定公開】Joint Lecture (Yonsei) Global Internet Governance
- Global_Internet_Governance 20131105 [Enrolled Students Only]
- Global_Internet_Governance 20131105 [Enrolled Students Only]

#082013/11/12 【履修者限定公開】Joint Lecture (Fudan) The EU’s Perceptions of the Rise of Asia
- Asia in the eye of EU. Reading materials [Enrolled Students Only]
- EU perspective 1112.Fudan's PPT [Enrolled Students Only]

#092013/11/16 【履修者限定公開】Visit to Yonsei Campus
- Yonsei Pilgrim schedule [Enrolled Students Only]
- Travel Schedule_Pilgrim Workshop at Seoul [Enrolled Students Only]
- Final_Discussion Groups_Contact Information for Students [Enrolled Students Only]

#102013/11/26 【履修者限定公開】Japan and Korea: Comparative Perspectives on India and China
- Japan and Korea Views on China and India
Strategic Asia 2011-12
Michael Green, "Japan, India and the Strategic Triangle with 

Chung Min Lee, "South Korea's Response to China and India's Rise"

#112013/12/03 【履修者限定公開】Student Presentations

#122013/12/10 【履修者限定公開】Student Presentations

#132013/12/17 【履修者限定公開】Democracy in Asia: Problems and Prospects
- the schedule of the workshop
- Future of Democracy in Asia
Strategic Asia 2010-2011
Sumit Ganguly and Manjeet Pardesi," Political Economic and 
Radical Islamic Challenges to Democracy in Asia"

#142013/12/24 【履修者限定公開】Guest Lecture
- India, China and ASEAN
- Asia and the World Economy in 2030

#152014/01/07 【履修者限定公開】US-Japan Partnership: The Next 50 Years
- US-Japan: The Next 50 Years
- Japan is Back by Mike Green
Special Lecture by Cmdr Tedman Gretschmann from US Naval Forces 

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