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●The course examines the perspectives of East Asia free trade area. It also looks into the relationship between the trade multilateralism embodied in the WTO and the possible making of the East Asia FTA (Free Trade Agreement). Firstly, students will analyze FTA policies of the each of three North East Asian countries, i.e. Japan, China, and Korea, vis-a-vis the ASEAN countries. Secondly, students will look at the possibility of making a FTA among three North East Asian countries with a view to creating the East Asian Economic Community together with the ASEAN. The issues of WTO consisitency will be examined simultaneously as the discussions proceed.
●This course is conducted in close cooperation with Fudan University in Shanghai and Yongsei University in Seoul. Students are,therefore, expected to fully participate in the discussions and presentations in the common language, i.e. in English.

Faculty Yorizumi Watanabe
Term2015 Fall
Level Graduate

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#012015/04/08 【履修者限定公開】Guidance

#022015/04/15 Reshaping World Trade Agenda: Mega-FTAs in Asia-Pacific and the Japan-EU Economic Partnership (Keio)
- Lecture Material (ppt)

#032015/04/22 Constructing ‘Perpetual Peace’ in East Asia under the G-2 Regional Order (Yonsei)
- Lecture materials (ppt)

#042015/04/30 【履修者限定】Preparations for workshop
- Full text of Abe's speech in US Congress (PDF) [Enrolled Students Only]
- List of Students for Pilgrim Workshop

#052015/05/13 One Asia through One Korea is Possible? :Role of Middle Bridge Power in Regional Peace Building “Perpetual Peace” through “Mezzo Utopia” in East Asia and Korea (Yonsei)
- Lecture materials (ppt) [Enrolled Students Only]
- List of Students for Pilgrim Workshop [Enrolled Students Only]

#062015/05/20 China in Global Governance (Fudan)
- Hotel in shanghai
- Invitation letters
- Invitation letter2
- Lecture Material (ppt)
- A list of Students from Fudan [Enrolled Students Only]

#072015/05/27 【履修者限定】Preparations for workshop
- Student's list of Yonsei [Enrolled Students Only]
- Lists of students from Fudan [Enrolled Students Only]
- Workshop Agenda [Enrolled Students Only]

#082015/06/03 The World Trade Organization<br>Challenges in Global Governance of International Trade (Keio)
- WTO and Governance in World Trade

#092015/06/10 Rational Design of International Institutions: Mid-Level Theory of GG (Fudan)
- lecture Material (ppt) [Enrolled Students Only]

#102015/06/17 Student Presentation
- Politics and Security [Enrolled Students Only]
- Economic Integration [Enrolled Students Only]
- People to People contact [Enrolled Students Only]
- Environment [Enrolled Students Only]

#112015/06/24 Student Presentation 2

#122015/07/01 Japan’s FTA/EPA Policy Revisited: - A Roadmap to New Trade Multilateralism -
- Japan's FTA/EPA
- FTA/EPA; Market Access Negotiations
- FTA/EPA; Negotiations on Trade in Services

#132015/07/08 FTA Negotiations --- Japan’s Experience on Trade in Goods ---/Trade in Services: Rules and Negotiations
- FTA Policy of Chile [Enrolled Students Only]

#142015/07/15 Student Presentation 3

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