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Faculty Takeshi Kawazoe,Takashi Iba,Masahiro Kotosaka
Term2016 Fall
Level Undergraduate

Inquiry - Inquiry about this course

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#012016/09/27 【塾内限定公開】History of Keio & Learning Patterns (intro)
- Lecture Material (Iba) (PDF) [Enrolled Students Only]
- Announcement from the SA and Caucus Information [Enrolled Students Only]
- For Workshop (PDF) [Enrolled Students Only]
- Lecture Material (Kawazoe) (PDF) [Enrolled Students Only]
- Dialogue Workshop Preparation Sheet [Enrolled Students Only]
(1) Short history of Keio and SFC. (Kawazoe)
(2) An introduction on the knowledge creation skills. (Iba)

#022016/10/04 【塾内限定公開】Learning Patterns
- Announcement from SA (Caucus)
- Slides [Enrolled Students Only]
- handout [Enrolled Students Only]
- Experience Chart - Learning Patterns [Enrolled Students Only]
Exercise on the knowledge creation skills and overview yours.

#032016/10/11 【塾内限定公開】Caucus #1
- Excel file for Homework 3 (Thinking with Experience Chart) [Enrolled Students Only]
- Handout for Homework 3 (Thinking with Experience Chart)
- Group 6
- Group 5
- Announcement from SA (Caucus Groups) [Enrolled Students Only]
Open your policy and recruit members supporting your policy. We will have six people presenting. 

#042016/10/18 【塾内限定公開】Introduction to Kenkyu-kai
- Announcement from SA [Enrolled Students Only]
- Wada Lab (International Economics+Finance) [Enrolled Students Only]
- Kenkyukai Information (Kokuryo Lab, Freedman Lab, Takashio-Social robots. (RG), Rod- Quantum computing. (RG)) [Enrolled Students Only]
- Iba Lab Material (Pattern Language) [Enrolled Students Only]
- Kotosaka Lab (PDF) [Enrolled Students Only]
Senior students:
Kenkyu-kai will be a central forum where each student pursue 
their own agenda.  Will be introducing many Kenkyu-kai that are 
exploring frontiers of knowledge and action.

Wada Lab - Having some math and economics background will be great
Iba Lab- English Only Kenkyukai 
Kotosaka Lab- English Only Kenkyukai 
Kokuryo Lab.
Freedman Lab - English Only Kenkyukai 
Takashio-Social robots. (RG)
Rod- Quantum computing. (RG) 

Other Kenkyukai are mixed with Japanese and English. 

#052016/10/25 【塾内限定公開】Caucus #2
- Group 3 Fish
- Group 6 Economics
- Group 5 English Education
- Group 4 Diversity
- Group 2 Scholarship
- Group 1 Energy
Group work to prepare for caucus election.

Short presentation from each group

#062016/11/01 【塾内限定公開】Caucus #3
- Caucus Explanation and Sample Caucus with Abstract Paper [Enrolled Students Only]
Group work to prepare for caucus election.

#072016/11/08 【塾内限定公開】Caucus Final Presentation
- Abstract paper (in presentation order)
- Presentation (in presentation order)
Caucus election!  Deliberations of policies and voting. All 
group will have presentation for the whole class.

9:30-9:41  Presentation +Q&A of group 6 (Japanese consumerism in the aging population)
9:42-9:53  Presentation +Q&A of group 3 (Sustainable Fish Farming)
9:54-10:05  Presentation +Q&A of group 5 (English Language Education in Japan)
10:06-10:17  Presentation +Q&A of group 1 (Hydrogen Future of Japan)
10:18-10:29  Presentation +Q&A of group 2 (Scholarship)
10:30-10:41  Presentation +Q&A of group 4 (Diversity & Inclusion)
Voting Time

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