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Faculty Jun Murai,Yasuo Sakamoto,Masaaki Sato,Keiji Takeda
Term2018 Fall
Level Undergraduate

Inquiry - Inquiry about this course

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#012018/09/27 Introduction
- Lecture Material(PDF)
In the beginning of the lecture, teachers will give opening remarks.

#022018/10/04 Outline of Cyber Security
- Lecture Material(PDF)
Introduced outline, technology trend and incident of cyber 
security.Also, We analysis security problems from many 
perspectives and discuss the preferred security 

#032018/10/11 Cyber Security(1): Strategy
- Lecture Material(PDF)
We deal with security issues in the current Internet 
technology and explain countermeasures used in society 
and organization. 
We also discuss basic strategy of cyber security that 
is the Internet as Global System. 

#042018/10/18 Cyber Security(2):AI & Security
- Lecture Material (PDF)
An architecture of current cyber security and protection 
methods would be discussed. We also discuss how to 
coordinate the basic rules, methods, and principles.

#052018/10/25 Students’ Presentation 1
Teams report and discuss their assignment. 

#062018/11/01 Events and Alert Formats in Intrusion Detection
We will invite a guest speaker for this lecture

#072018/11/08 Smart City and Security
- Lecture Material(PDF)

#082018/11/15 Students’ Presentation 2
Teams report and discuss their assignment. 

#092018/11/29 IoT and Big data
- Lecture Material(PDF)
We discuss utilization of big data and related issues on 
personal data and privacy and discuss on political 
situation of personal data. 
In this lecture, Threat and risk analysis of big data 
from sensors (Internet of things: IoT) will be discussed.

#102018/12/06 【履修者限定公開】Artificial Intelligent, technology singularity and security

#112018/12/13 Organization

#122018/12/20 【履修者限定公開】Internet Governance
- guest speaker [Enrolled Students Only]

#132018/12/27 ICANN/G7/G20

#142019/01/17 Final Presentation
Final presentation of the group work will be held. In this 
last lecture, we will sum up all the topics undergone.

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