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Since the 1990s, while the world has experienced the wave of globalism, it has simultaneously been haunted by the rise of regional conflicts that had erupted subsequent to the end of the Cold War. Concurrently, the international community has been facing threats emanating from the so-called failed states, mainly due to the former's inability to stabilize the situation. Furthermore, counter measures introduced by individual states to deal with challenges represented by global warming and contagious diseases like Ebola will remain less effective if not conducted comprehensively and collectively through international and/or regional institutions or forums. This class will consider a variety of issues that require multilateral mechanism of governance.

Faculty Koichiro Tanaka
Term2019 Fall
Level Graduate

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#012019/04/10 【履修者限定公開】オリエンテーション:グローバル・ガバナンスとは
- Global_Governance_Studies_(Viewpoints)_1 [Enrolled Students Only]
- Grouping_for_the_pilgrim_workshop [Enrolled Students Only]
	講義方針、評価などの説明
	序論

#022019/04/17 【履修者限定公開】グローバル・ガバナンスを意識する
- Global_Governance_Studies_(Viewpoints)_2 [Enrolled Students Only]
	概念説明
	歴史上の先行事例の検討

#032019/04/24 【履修者限定公開/遠隔授業】International Sections on DPRK designing two-level solution (Yonsei)
- Yonsei_Professor_Ko [Enrolled Students Only]
- DPRK_sanctions_solutions [Enrolled Students Only]
	North Korea solution

#042019/05/08 【履修者限定公開/遠隔授業】Is China a Status Quo Country or Revisionist Country or else? The Cases of NDB and AIIB (Fudan)
- Fudan_Professor_Jiejin_Zhu [Enrolled Students Only]
- Fudan_Professor_JIejin_Zhu [Enrolled Students Only]

#052019/05/15 【履修者限定公開/遠隔授業】Peacebuilding in Afghanistan From Late 2001 Till Present Day (Keio)
- Keio_SFC_Tanaka_Afghanistan [Enrolled Students Only]
Measuring the Optimization of International Community’s Involvement
with Viewpoints of Global Governance

#062019/05/22 【履修者限定公開/遠隔授業】Anti-Americanism in South Korea (Yonsei)
- anti_Americanism_in_South_Korea [Enrolled Students Only]

#072019/05/29 【履修者限定公開/遠隔授業】Institutional Design of the Lancang Mekong Cooperation (Fudan)
- Prof._Zhu_Fudan [Enrolled Students Only]

#082019/06/05 【履修者限定公開/遠隔授業】Regional Integration in the Middle East - the Complicated Case of GCC - (Keio)

#092019/06/12 【履修者限定公開/遠隔授業】Joint Presentation

#102019/06/19 【非公開】新たな対応を要する難民問題
	難民大移動への対応
	挑戦を受ける既存の受入制度

#112019/06/26 【非公開】資源開発と環境の相関
	国境をまたぐ環境汚染
	非在来型資源の開発がもたらす挑戦

#122019/07/03 【非公開】気候変動問題へのアプローチ(1)
	環境問題からの発展経緯
	京都議定書までの歩み

#132019/07/10 【非公開】気候変動問題へのアプローチ(2)
	パリ協定の成立
	気候データの更新が示す現実

#142019/07/17 【非公開】総括

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