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As a required subject, “Environment and Information Studies” is aimed to serve as an introduction to SFC, and to the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies. The course consists of lectures, workshops and group presentations. Through the workshops, students are expected to develop the ideas about the ways in which we approach various issues and problems regarding our environment.

Faculty Akira Wakita
Term2019 Fall
Level Undergraduate

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Lecture Video & Materials
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#012019/09/26 Introduction / Quantum computers and quantum networks
- Lecture Material (PDF)
- Introduction of the lecture by Prof. Akira Wakita
- Quantum computers and quantum networks by Prof. Rodney D. Van Meter
- Dialogue by Prof. Van Meter and Prof. Wakita
- Open discussion on quantum world

#022019/10/03 【非公開】Complex Systems and Natural Computing
- Lecture on complex systems and natural computing by Prof. Masashi 
- Dialogue by Prof. Aono and Prof. Wakita
- Open discussion on nature and computation

#032019/10/10 【履修者限定公開】Art and Science
- Lecture on art and science by Prof. Akira Wakita
- Open discussion on new media art and the critical design of the 

#042019/10/24 【履修者限定公開】Big Data and Artificial Intelligence [10/24]
- Lecture on big data and artificial intelligence by Prof. Kazuto
- Dialogue by Prof. Ataka and Prof. Wakita
- Open discussion on machine learning and value design 

#052019/10/31 【履修者限定公開】Design and Geometry
- Lecture on design and geometry by Prof. Hajime Narukawa
- Dialogue by Prof. Narukawa and Prof. Wakita
- Open discussion on synergetics and ecological design

#06 【非公開】FIELD WORK
We are planning to visit Tokyo Midtown Roppongi "Design Touch", a 
well known design event in Tokyo. 

#072019/11/07 【塾内限定公開】Computational Creativity - Artificial Intelligence and Creativity
- Lecture on  Artificial Intelligence and Creativity by Prof. Nao
- Dialogue by Prof. Tokui and Prof. Wakita
- Open discussion on creativity in the age of machine learning

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