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Faculty Almansour, Ahmad
Term2019 Fall
Level Undergraduate

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#012019/04/11 What is Mechanical Engineering?
- What is Mechanical Engineering?
Introducing Mechanical Engineering, what does it mean, what it is its 
status among engineering fields.

#022019/04/18 Some Principles in Mechanical Engineering
- Some Principles in Mechanical Engineering
Motions: statics, dynamics. In addition the Laws of nature: Newton’s 
Laws, Laws of Thermodynamics, Maxwell’s Equations. Fluid Mechanics.

#032019/04/25 Principles of Energy production.
- Principles of Energy production
Conversion of stored energy into electricity, manipulation of 
chemical-, kinetic, potential-, and nuclear energy. And the transfer 
and loss of the energy within systems.

#042019/05/09 How different engine works?
- How do different engines work?
Introduction to work principle of internal and external combustion 
engines, and jet engine.

#052019/05/16 Principles of machine design
- Principles of machine design
How machines are designed and on what criteria different parts of the 
machine are designed to fit a task. Knowledge of the Six Simple 

#062019/05/23 Mechanical Systems: Vibrations, Feedback control, Mechatronics
- Mechanical Systems: Vibrations, Feedback control, Mechatronics
Necessary knowledge to understand different mechanical systems and 
automatic control. Self-Help Systems by: Creating Forces, Redirecting 
Forces, Balances Forces, Self-Protecting Systems and Distributes 

#072019/05/30 StressesS, StrainsS and Material Properties
- Stresses, Strains and Material Properties
Material State: Elastic and Plastic. Stresses and strains, Pressure 
vessels, bending of beams, buckling of columns.

#082019/06/06 What is Materials engineering?
- What is Materials engineering?
Introduction to Materials Science and materials engineering and its 

#092019/06/13 Selection of Materials
- Selection of Materials
Principles of materials selections to fit a specific task. 
Additionally, how to Do System Analysis and use Materials Selection 

#102019/06/20 Ferrous Alloys and their applications
- Ferrous Alloys and their applications
Introduction to ferrous alloys which is basically materials their 
base material is iron. 

#112019/06/27 Non-ferrous alloys and their applications
Non-ferrous alloys are divided into 2 types; light alloys such as 
aluminum and heavy alloys such as copper. The specifications and 
applications of each will be introduced.

#122019/07/04 Ceramic materials and composite and their applications
Ceramics and composite materials will be introduced and their 
specific applications will be discussed in view of their properties 
and manufacturing aspects.

#132019/07/11 Bio-medical materials and their applications
An introduction to materials that are used in manufacturing 
prosthetic to replace human organs or limbs.

#142019/07/18 Nano materials and their applications
Principles of Nano-materials, their production, application in 
engineering and medical fields.

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