1. #3: Overview of Japanese Post-War Economic Reconstruction Period(2)
  2. Economic Situations in the 1970s
  3. CPI-based Inflation (%): 1972-91
  4. Exchange Rate: JPN Yen Per US Dollar: 1970-91
  5. Economic Policy in the 1970s
  6. Economic Policy in the 1970s(Continued)
  7. Promoting Cost-Cut Efforts
  8. Shift in Energy Policy
  9. Energy Efficiency(tonnes of oil equivalent per $1000)
  10. Economic Situations in the 1980s
  11. Capital Account Liberalization in the 1980s
  12. Cross-Border Capital Flows(1973-91, Millions $)
  13. Foreign Direct Investment Balance(1977-91, US$ Millions)
  14. Review of Concept: the Flying Geese Pattern of Economic Development in East Asia
  15. High Wage Growth Contributes to FDI Move
  16. Production and Trade Linkages in East Asia