Lecturer : Hiroto Kobayashi

City changes because of various reasons and the urban space changes accordingly. This lecture examines actual urban redevelopment cases in order to clarify what kind of factors effect on changing the urban space, what kind of conditions are to be considered, and what kind of goals are to be set. In this year, specifically urban problems and its urban design solutions are to be discussed. Japanese urban history will be also studied through local community, ‘Cho’, which leads to a discussion on relationship between emergence of local society and urban form. Through several case studies, urban problems such as earthquake, poverty, terrorism, are to be examined in terms of social, cultural, and economical point of views. How these problems are reflected on physical urban space will be discussed as well. Case studies will be Ginza Machizukuri in Tokyo, World Trade Center redevelopment in New York, reconstruction projects of Tohoku region, and African urban modernization.