Lecturer : Michio Umegaki

There are three points about this course I would like to call your attention to. 1) First, this course uses “Japan” as a point of reference for our examination. After all, we are sitting in Japan which occupies a rather unique spot in International Relations: a country with its economy ranking the third among all national economies while maintaining a position that war does not pay. International Relations, viewed from that Japan deserve our close scrutiny. 2) Second, our examination of International Relations moves among key policy issues such as nuclear arms control, poverty reduction, territorial disputes and the like. You are familiar with some of them and not so with others. And finally 3) International Relations is the area also where we can examine important normative as well as analytical puzzles such as why man engages in a war whose cost clearly outweighs its gains. For this purpose, we draw some theoretical insights for International Relations from various disciplines such as cognitive psychology, behavioral economics, or classical political philosophy.