2019 Fall Semester


Family Business Management[*][Keio]
Mathematical Analysis[Keio]


[Enrolled]Regional Strategy Studies(East Asia)[EN]
Design Studies
Policy Management Studies[EN]
Student Build Campus (SBC) Practice
Future Publishing
Asia Workshop[EN][Keio]
Beyond Blockchain Advanced
[Enrolled]Corporate Challenges in the 21st Century
Japan and African Global Connection[EN]
Data Society and Business Model
Designing Environmental Business[**][EN]


Language and Humanity[Keio]
Global Governance Studies[EN]
Management of Emerging Businesses[*][EN]
Technology Project (Ledit Project)[*][Enrolled]
Emergence of Data Driven Society and Strategy (Advanced)
[Enrolled]Information Security D


Korean Social Studies
Environment and Information Studies[EN]
Internet Security Architecture[EN]
Emergence of Data Driven Society and Strategy
Designing SFC Spirits[EN]
Introduction to the Internet
[Enrolled]Battery Society


Mathematical Model Theory[EN][Keio]


[EN] - English
[*] - e-Course & GC
[**] - e-Course Students only
[*] - Selected Lectures
[Keio] - For Keio Students only
[Enrolled] - For Enrolled Students only

About Keio SFC Global Campus

Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus (Keio SFC) is celebrating its 20th anniversity in 2010 where as Keio University celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2008.

In order to share the knowledge with global society, Keio SFC has started to offer the course videos and materials since 2002 through Keio SFC Global Campus (SFC-GC), and as of today, more than 500 courses with over 5,000 lectures in variety of fields are provided by Faculty of Policy Management, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies and Graduate School of Media and Governance of our campus.

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